strategic planning

Goat tying has become one of the most competitive events in rodeo today.  Over the last 20 years, I have broken down each step of a run in order to remove every extra tenth of a second and produce the fastest possible runs.  Our students are winning at every level from Little Britches to college and we would love to show you how to take your goat tying to the Next Level! 

Strategy &


Next Level Goat Tying

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​Mia Manzanares

Back to Back CNFR Champion

 2X Southern Region Champion

4X CNFR Qualifier

2X NHSRA Champion

IFYR Champion

2X Best of the Best Champion

Taylour Latham

NIRA CRM Region Champion

 2X CNFR top 7

Kenna Thomas
TJHSRA State Champion
TJHSRA Region 8 Champion

Olivia Thibodeaux

TJHSRA Reserve State Champion

 TJHSRA Region 5 Champion

Wyatt Williams

NLBRA World & Finals Champion

Quincy Lucky

TJHSRA Reserve Champion Boys
Anna Williams 

NJHSFR Reserve World Champion!

LJHSRA State Champion

Shyanne Bauerle

Texas High School Champion

4X THSRA Region 8 Champion

Kristin Reaves

2X THSRA Region V Champion

THSRA Reserve Champion

Joe Beaver's Open Champion

World's Richest Champion

Jaden Thomas

LHSRA State Champion

2X NJHSFR top 20

Lauren Bane

3X CNFR Qualifier

CNFR Top 5

​Lyndsey Orris

2X NHSRA Top 10

NMHSRA State Champion

Briley King

TJHSFR Reserve State Champion

TJHRA Region V Champion