​​Take your goat tying to the next level with methods proven to win at every level.

Each session will be $50 and limited to 20 kids.  First come first serve!  Spots are limited so no refunds for cancellations.  If I can sell your spot, I will refund your money. 

Boys and girls are welcome but this is NOT structured for beginners! 

Each practice session will include ground tying, horse savers, and horses.  Horses are optional so feel free to fly down and just use the horse saver.  Stalls are available through the link above for $25 per night.  

Carly Green will be available Thursday through Sunday to work with anyone wanting to improve their speed and agility.  Carly was a goat tyer and knows exactly what our athletes need and I have seen amazing changes in my girls that are using her program.  We will update you soon with more information on Carly's schedule and how to register.  

The location is T2 Arena in Orange, Texas.  Local airports include Beaumont, TX, Lake Charles, LA, and Houston, TX is about 2 hours away. There are many hotel options close to the arena or hookups are available through the link above for $25 per night. 

Friday night at 8 pm we will host a crawfish boil and the SETX Cowgirl Classic Triathlon.  In the Triathalon contestants must rope a calf, run the barrel pattern, and then on the way home from the 3rd barrel, dismount and tie a goat.  The event will be open to all ages of cowgirls and we will have 13 & under and 30 & over incentive age groups. The triathlon entry fee will be $150 and $50 for the incentive groups. 100% payback for the incentive groups.  

The 2nd annual Hell Week Jr. Patriot Qualifier Jackpots will be held on Saturday.  The first 2 go-rounds will start at 10 am with the 10 & under age group.  The top 10 in each age group will compete on Saturday night at 7 pm in the short round.  Each short round qualifier will receive a t-shirt and the champions will receive buckles from Next Level Goat Tying and Tres Rios Silver.  We are working to add money to each age group so if you are interested in sponsoring or know a business that would like to support our girls, please let me know.  We will be sure to recognize them on social media and during the event.  In addition to hosting Jr. Patriot qualifiers, we will have an Open group with a Tie For the Crown Qualifier.  The Tie for the Crown is an opportunity for goat tyers to win even more money as it is open to girls of any age. The finals will be held in conjunction with the Patriot in March of 2022 in Ft. Worth, Texas.  We will be awarding 10 qualifier positions for the 19 and under Jr. Patriot, 5 spots for the 15 and under Jr. Patriot, and 5 spots for the Tie for the Crown.  Over $130,000 was paid out to goat tyers during the Patriot in 2021 and with the addition of the Tie For the Crown Finale 2022 is going to be even better so be sure to get qualified!  

Back by popular demand is the Highest Level Daddy & Daughter Competition.  Entries will be taken on-site.  There is no entry fee because the only prize is a bottle of Pendelton and the bragging rights.  The daughters get to drive the horse saver (at the speed of their choosing) and dad gets to dismount and tie the goat.  Daughters yelling at dads in this event is encouraged and considered payback for all the times it was the other way around!  Some of you will start practicing soon and posting your videos to the HIGHEST LEVEL GOAT TYING Facebook (yes, there is even a Facebook) and some of you will forgo practice so that you don’t injure yourself.  I would make sure my kid knew how to drive before I entered an event that requires driving at a high rate of speed. 

Everyone is invited to join us but this is not a "clinic" and not for beginners.  These are "tune-ups" to get ready for finals.  We will not try to change your style and will help you as much or as little as you would like. 

We hope you will join us for Hell Week.  Stay tuned for more information coming on the Qualifiers, Triathalon, and crawfish boil.  

Dont forget to order your I survived Hell Week t-shirts by April 25th.

Save the Date!  ​May 11-16, 2022 

Orange, Texas

What the heck is “Hell Week?”   Hell Week is a tradition that’s been going on for...well we don’t exactly remember the first one but a long time.  It’s a week where goat tyers gathered to get ready for state and national finals and due to the heat and humidity of South Louisiana, we were forced to have early morning and late-night practices.   The name comes from Kaitlyn Frey who was quoted as saying, “Welcome to Hell,” upon her arrival. She survived all of her Hell Weeks and so far everyone else has, too.  Now it is a week where everyone comes together to celebrate the wins of the regular season, prepare for finals, and have a little fun.  

Each session will be $50 and limited to 20 kids.  First come first serve!  Spots are limited so no refunds for cancellations.  If I can sell your spot, I will refund your money. 

Boys and girls are welcome but this is NOT structured for beginners! 

Next Level Goat Tying