Next Level Goat Tying

Stacey Elias Martin

With over 20 years of experience in coaching goat tyers and training horses, I have developed a system that has produced winners at every level. As a classroom Physics and Chemistry teacher, I understand classroom management and am able to teach to different learning styles.  I wanted to continue working with students who attend our clinics so I developed our online Coaching and Mentorship Program which allows us to help students from across the country build on the skills they have learned at the clinics and progress in the sport. I know how important one on one instruction is to learning so we utilize small group instruction by having guest instructors who help us at each clinic.  

Our clinics are educational experiences where we break the sport into 3 parts, Learning to Compete (Mental Toughness), Physical Fitness, and Goat Tying.  I believe drills and slow work are a very important part of developing the muscle memory required to be successful in a rodeo situation. We also practice in high-pressure situations such as relays and matches in order to prepare students for competition. Dismounting and horse training skills are a very important part of our clinics and we have instructors who can help students with any horse issues and the ultimate dismount training and practice tool,  the Cattleac Horse Saver and Goaty dummies for groundwork.