Other outstanding Next Level Goat Tyers include: 

KL Spratt NIRA Reserve National Champion and Southern Region Champion Goat Tyer

Sierra Spratt AHSRA Champion Goat Tyer

Kristen Reaves Joe Beaver Champion Goat Tyer, Texas Circuit Finals Youth Rodeo Senior Champion Goat Tyer

Cyle DennisonNJHSRF National Champion Boys Goat Tyer, LHSRA State Champion Boys Goat Tyer

Evan DarbonneNJHSRF 4th place Boys Goat Tyer, LHSRA State Champion Boys Goat Tyer

Chase BorresNJHSRF 9th place Boys Goat Tyer, LHSRA State Champion Boys Goat Tyer

Jennifer Salim  NHSRA 4th place Goat Tyer, LHSRA State Champion Goat Tyer, 3X NHSRF Qualifier

Raeleigh WhitfieldTHSRA Region 5 Champion Goat Tyer, NHSRF Qualifier

Nicole Reeves2X NHSRA Qualifier, 3rd place IFYR, Short go Qualifier NHSRF

Kylie Frey LHSRA State Champion, 2X NHSRF Qualifier

Torey Little 2X Joe Beaver 19 and Under Champion, 2X NHSRF Qualifier

Camaren Johnson LJHSRA State Champion and NJHSRF Short Round Qualifier

Kelly Oneal  LJHSRA State Champion 

Alex Darbonne is the 2015 Reserve National Champion Boys Goat Tyer and Reserve State Champion.  

Lauren Hansen is a 3X CNFR qualifier and the 2015 Southern Region NIRA Champion.  Lauren is also a 2X NHSRA qualifier and a LHSRA Reserve State Champion.

Next Level Goat Tying

Kirsten Smith is a 3X CNFR qualifier, Southern Region NIRA Champion, and the 2015 NIRA Reserve Champion Goat Tyer.  Kirsten is also a 2X NHSRA qualifier and IFYR Goat Tying Champion.  

Kayli Meaux wrapped up her senior year with top 7 finishes at both the NHSRA finals and the IFYR.  

Mia Manzanares is one of the most recognizable names in goat tying today.   A NHSRA back to back champion goat tyer, Mia has also won 6 consecutive LHSRA state championships, 2 consecutive Gallup Best of the Best titles, and an IFYR championship & qualified for the CNFR twice recently being named the 2018 NIRA Southern Region Champion.   Mia has been a part of our program since 4th grade.