Next Level Goat Tying

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One of the most common questions that I get asked is about our strings.  Our string of choice is made from cotton sash cord.  This is not the same sash cord you pick up from your local store. These cotton strings are a specific size and blend which we prefer because of the weight and the way the string holds.  I find that these strings are more forgiving than the hard strings and are easier for beginners to use.   Strings can be purchased by emailing me at or can be purchased at any clinic.  Strings are $10 per string plus $5 per order for shipping.  We are always glad to answer any questions you have regarding the strings and how to use them.   For information regarding care and use of your cotton strings, please check out this link! 

We now are proud to offer Lyles goat tying strings for both boys and girls!  I feel like the Lyles strings have a really nice feel to them and the 2 ply strings have deeper grooves which allow for a more secure tie.  Contact me to order your Lyles strings! 

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